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Thursday, May 12, 2005

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Ok.. so sometimes I talk like Don Vito.. no not THE DON VITO from the GodFather.. Don Vito Bams Uncle. I mumble a lot too I have been told.. but thats more gibber gabber.. so tonight I had one of those slip ups (Don Vito moment) where my mom laughed so hard at me she almost popped her good lung. I was talking about the ever so beautiful Angelina Jolie and my future husband... I mean the fabulous, drool all over your pillow at night.. Brad Pitt.. and I Don Vitoed my words when saying "Poor Jennifer is devasted" my mom didnt hear a word I said.. then said.. "did you say devasted?" "yes thats what said" see I make up my own words too btw. I have been told I should have my own dictionary! Just last week I made up the word "NUMNEMIC" so back to the story .. my moms pissing her pants.. cause IM ALWAYS EVER SO SERIOUS when I talk 90% of the time.. since I lost my sense of humor!!.. "thats not a word Carrie, dont you mean devastate" "Nope I mean devasted" I stated. Ok this isnt a funny story to you.. but it was really funny to her.. an thats all that mattered.

In other news.. I dont have ring worm after all this doctor poo poo I have been going through. He doesnt know what I have.. FABULOUS I thought as I left the office. Weee no fungus in my skin. I do get the pleasure of going back again for 3 more appointments for patch testing. happy happy joy joy. I get to wear patches on my back.. a whole bunch of them.. for 3 days or something. How sexy will that be when I'm wearing a tank top! and I have to use unscented soap which actually smells like stale wet dirty old cardboard. "I thought it was unscented?" I think my skins condition is my body reacting from my stress cause these fukin doctors not knowing wtf they are doing.. one day they tell me one thing an the next they tell me another.. then I feel stupid telling people ya here is whats wrong with me.. "oh no.. Just in, its something else now hold on!"

"West Nile is coming.. West Nile is coming.." yes folks my more paranoid then me mother has been warning me now for the last few weeks.. and felt she had to again tonight when going to my nephews opening baseball game.. "Relax its freezing out tonight.. there is NO mosquitoes" We sat frozed to the benches in blankets.


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