o..pre-bday party..o

Monday, July 19, 2004

Oh boy!! don't I look like a flapper from the 50s. hey its your bday party.. gotta look like a bit of a fool at one part of the night!

So we all went to Panorama.. one of Toronto's so called upscale places for martinis. I dont think so - the service was shit, I was so displeased. We waited like 20mins just for a hostess.. then a half hour for a drink then and hour for her to come back to see if we even wanted another drink! an to top it off.. she took another 20mins after i asked for my bill then put what she thought she shold get for a tip on the bill. The only thing enjoyable about the place is the view of the city!.. however next time when I want a view, I think i will just go to the CN Tower.


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