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Sunday, November 15, 2015

I am going to miss this desk and the morning sunshine

and most of all! these amazing girls!

I have never had a better working experience then I have with these three ladies right here! Through good and bad, ups and downs, work was never boring and always entertaining. To small talk, to serious talks, to walks to the kitchen, to walks to the cafe, to paper ball baskets in the bathroom, to over time, to not enough time, I will never forget you ladies an the all the times we had. I wish you all the best!
Love you #RedTagBitches for life!!!



Whine Whine Whine Pout Pout

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

started this week off clean again. Spinach for breakfast, protein shakes for dinner and lemon water replacing my morning latte bliss to curb all cravings of caffeine. Yay LEMONS! (Sarcasim) I don't know where I fell off the healthy game, well I do but, ugh my mid thirties are playing games with me.

Fourth day in and I feel like a recovering drug addict! Damn you junk food and excuses. Must crawl over this hump. Whine whine whine pout pout. 

STRETCH!!! And then Stretch again! 


Plate Pancakes with this hooker

Friday, June 19, 2015


December Blah *cough cough

Sunday, December 07, 2014

I've been sick all week. I've found an app to blog from my phone. This post is brought to you by my sick self in bed using this awesome app. Yay! For trying to blog again. 

Work Christmas Party was fun and full of shenanigans as always! discovered "PORNSTAR" shots! The night was over for most people after that! What happens at the Xmas party stays at the Xmas party!... and the water cooler Monday morning of course! LOL!

On this same night of celebration, another celebration was happening across town for Dominique! Baby Demi decided to come into the world a month early! Can't wait to meet her this week! Had to stay away being sick :(... she is already two weeks old! 

Jenna, Bella and I threw a Super Mario themed Party at work for Holly! We went ham on the details, down to the straws! Best office birthday party ever!  

December is hitting hard! How is Christmas in 2.5 weeks? My family has decided for the first time ever not to do gifts this year and somehow I still feel like I need to buy gifts. Well my mom for sure! Even tho the only gift she wants is my time! I'm going to surprise her and take her to the Christmas market next weekend since this week has been a write off for all things festive! However I did buy an awesome holiday T-shirt today! Photos to follow next week when I put up my Xmas tree and pour a large glass of Jesus juice! Which I wanted to do today :(

This cute Cat In The Hat cake and cupcakes was this weekends order! Baking cake and being under the weather is not fun! I repeat, not fun! But, how adorable did my gumpaste Cat in the Hat come out? He's so cute I didn't want to deliver him! 


Yay to blogging from bed and actually posting it! This app and I are now friends.

PS. Go see BIG HERO 6 if you haven't already! Baymax is soooo sweet! 


I work to much to blog

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

This is the first time I have sat down in a long time with, never mind I actually have a lot on my plate, I would be lying if I said nothing. Just finished some logo designs, a cup of sleepy time tea and a homemade brownie.

Looking at the timeline its been almost two years since my last post! Not going to lie, the past two years have flown by so fast and so much has happened and not so much at the same time.

Maybe I should highlight some things so I don't forget.

Started the New Year off in Detroit for the Winter Classics! Such an amazing day even tho I was frozen and not sure how I didn't get frost bite being outside for 12hrs. Somehow being frozen made it more of a memorable memory I think. I can still feel that crisp air when I think about the day!

Picked up so many painting gigs, shows an live shows.
Met so many amazing talents and kind hearted souls  <3 p="">

"Lollipop Licker" - Candyland Show - SOLD

"Angel Confetti" - 2014 - SOLD

Got my mom on the runway at the airport to take part in the 2K walk of the Runway Run! 81yrs old and as active as her legs will allow her! I hope I have her energy and spirit when I am her age!

 Color me RAD 5K run! .. I kinda love running. =)

Was the yellow part of the rainbow in WORLD PRIDE!
Many thanks to Josie for allowing me to take part in this awesome celebration! XOXO

Dominique is having a Baby Girl named Demi, due for xmas! Was shocked she came out and skated at my rollerskate birthday party! I can't wait for Demi's arrival :D

Created my tallest cake ever, 6 feet high! I honesty won't ever be making a cake of this volume again unless I have a shop and a team of 5. True learning experience and cake accomplishment for me.

Being a Power Puff Girl with my ladies at work that keep my 10yrs younger then what I am! We made the masks out of Paper Mache! Sooo messy and so much fun!
It took a few well worth it sessions of creating.

Only a month and a half left till the year is over! Wonder what 2015 has in store!



Friday, February 08, 2013

Today is the biggest storm this city has seen in five years! and to be honest! I am loving every moment of it! even getting stuck on my drive home from work! Yes I said work! I went into work even with the chaos of the roads. Mind you, I only work down the street from my office, so what excuse do I really have to not be in or make an attempt. I vowed to never commute again a few years back, but that's a whole other post.

Its so beautiful, mild and calming... winter wonderland indeed.

Okay I'm about to selfie myself. My new hairdresser gave me some pretty ombre hair the other night and I am in loveee. I did a lot of self spoiling this week as I have over worked myself the month of January and the end of Feb an March is about to get even wilder.



Cakes by Carrie



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