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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

This is the first time I have sat down in a long time with, never mind I actually have a lot on my plate, I would be lying if I said nothing. Just finished some logo designs, a cup of sleepy time tea and a homemade brownie.

Looking at the timeline its been almost two years since my last post! Not going to lie, the past two years have flown by so fast and so much has happened and not so much at the same time.

Maybe I should highlight some things so I don't forget.

Started the New Year off in Detroit for the Winter Classics! Such an amazing day even tho I was frozen and not sure how I didn't get frost bite being outside for 12hrs. Somehow being frozen made it more of a memorable memory I think. I can still feel that crisp air when I think about the day!

Picked up so many painting gigs, shows an live shows.
Met so many amazing talents and kind hearted souls  <3 p="">

"Lollipop Licker" - Candyland Show - SOLD

"Angel Confetti" - 2014 - SOLD

Got my mom on the runway at the airport to take part in the 2K walk of the Runway Run! 81yrs old and as active as her legs will allow her! I hope I have her energy and spirit when I am her age!

 Color me RAD 5K run! .. I kinda love running. =)

Was the yellow part of the rainbow in WORLD PRIDE!
Many thanks to Josie for allowing me to take part in this awesome celebration! XOXO

Dominique is having a Baby Girl named Demi, due for xmas! Was shocked she came out and skated at my rollerskate birthday party! I can't wait for Demi's arrival :D

Created my tallest cake ever, 6 feet high! I honesty won't ever be making a cake of this volume again unless I have a shop and a team of 5. True learning experience and cake accomplishment for me.

Being a Power Puff Girl with my ladies at work that keep my 10yrs younger then what I am! We made the masks out of Paper Mache! Sooo messy and so much fun!
It took a few well worth it sessions of creating.

Only a month and a half left till the year is over! Wonder what 2015 has in store!



Friday, February 08, 2013

Today is the biggest storm this city has seen in five years! and to be honest! I am loving every moment of it! even getting stuck on my drive home from work! Yes I said work! I went into work even with the chaos of the roads. Mind you, I only work down the street from my office, so what excuse do I really have to not be in or make an attempt. I vowed to never commute again a few years back, but that's a whole other post.

Its so beautiful, mild and calming... winter wonderland indeed.

Okay I'm about to selfie myself. My new hairdresser gave me some pretty ombre hair the other night and I am in loveee. I did a lot of self spoiling this week as I have over worked myself the month of January and the end of Feb an March is about to get even wilder.


I am probably not going to grow up for 2013

Sunday, December 30, 2012

 Feline Ears ...meows and purrs. animal hats are amazing!
cat hat

Cartoons... Animation.. even in cell phone cases!

This Mustache Mug
mustache mugtitle=

Duck Face... "Barbra Streisand"

These Lips

These Cookies I made for Christmas
Snowman Cookies

This sweater I made for Christmas

...ummmm my cubicle at Christmas
christmas cubicle

Hello Kitty EVERYTHING!!
hello kitty running shoes

Sharing secrets with statues

Mermaids and Sand Castles!!
sand mermaid

Face in Hole - Mc Donalds.. but only for ice cream and happy meal toys

okay and sometimes big BIG Macs
Big Mac

I order adult size beers and drink only a quarter of it... half pint for life!

Halloween.. and making homemade costumes

zombie girl

 Being badass with my BFFs!


Selfie.. Moi.. Me 



Movember then December

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Movember! This month feels like its marching right along. Oh wait it is!

I LOVE ART! and how can I not love art being an Artist myself. Well this past month I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica Gorlicky at the Sex Show and helping her out at her booth selling her work! She is one of my favorite inspiring local artist! I even got to go home with one of her pieces. <3 art="" br="" swoon="">




Summer to September

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Another amazing summer gone and now my favorite season of all ... FALL! mmmm pumpkin spiced lattes! pretty country morning drives! my famous Squash soup! I am in heaven for the next three months! Some photo highlights from the summer!

 Body Painting Birthday at Epique Lounge! court

epique lounge

epique lounge

Only one photo of Fake Prom, we were getting our party on!
fake prom

Niagara Escarpment




Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Rock  Roll Hall of Fame
This past weekend was pretty memorable! Me and Slim took a road trip down to Cleveland, Ohio. On our travels down we stopped in Erie an there happened to be a Rib fest going on! so we got our rib on!

When we finally arrived at our hotel we didn't have long to settle in since the RHCP concert was in less then two hours an we had to figure out where we were going. We had nose bleed seats, it was pretty awesome to see the show from a different view after watching them from the floor in Toronto. I got a bit of vertigo being so up high when first getting to our seats, but that changed once the concert started! Woop!

Rock  Roll Hall of Fame
After the show I suggested we go take some photos of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame because I loved the photos of it I saw online at night all lite up! The odd car came with people to take photos as well while we were there. When we were just about to leave, a tour bus pulled up around midnight and we thought NOOOOOO MAYBE!!? yes it was the RHCP minus Anthony! they went inside and so we waited outside till 2am! it was kinda chilly now being down at the water front but it was all worth it to meet FLEA and have our picture with him! he was such humble nice guy!

Rock  Roll Hall of Fame
The next morning we headed back to the Rock Hall for the museum tour! so many cool things inside! Slim was drooling over the Jimi Hendrix section! I was all out the fashion.

We then bumped into this random guy who sold us second row seats for the Cleveland Indians game for $20! how awesome is that! and during the game they showed RHCP on the big screen an sure enough they were in the belcony box behind us! The game was so exciting.. the fans are way more crazier in the states then in Canada.. I loved all the accents an diarrhia people were yelling out at the players.

On the ride back we stopped into Taco Bell for the Doritos Tacos.. since I embarrassed myself over a month ago at a Taco Bell asking for one an they had no idea what I was talking about in Canada!.. mmmm yum!

Nacho Dorito



Cakes by Carrie



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