December Blah *cough cough

Sunday, December 07, 2014

I've been sick all week. I've found an app to blog from my phone. This post is brought to you by my sick self in bed using this awesome app. Yay! For trying to blog again. 

Work Christmas Party was fun and full of shenanigans as always! discovered "PORNSTAR" shots! The night was over for most people after that! What happens at the Xmas party stays at the Xmas party!... and the water cooler Monday morning of course! LOL!

On this same night of celebration, another celebration was happening across town for Dominique! Baby Demi decided to come into the world a month early! Can't wait to meet her this week! Had to stay away being sick :(... she is already two weeks old! 

Jenna, Bella and I threw a Super Mario themed Party at work for Holly! We went ham on the details, down to the straws! Best office birthday party ever!  

December is hitting hard! How is Christmas in 2.5 weeks? My family has decided for the first time ever not to do gifts this year and somehow I still feel like I need to buy gifts. Well my mom for sure! Even tho the only gift she wants is my time! I'm going to surprise her and take her to the Christmas market next weekend since this week has been a write off for all things festive! However I did buy an awesome holiday T-shirt today! Photos to follow next week when I put up my Xmas tree and pour a large glass of Jesus juice! Which I wanted to do today :(

This cute Cat In The Hat cake and cupcakes was this weekends order! Baking cake and being under the weather is not fun! I repeat, not fun! But, how adorable did my gumpaste Cat in the Hat come out? He's so cute I didn't want to deliver him! 


Yay to blogging from bed and actually posting it! This app and I are now friends.

PS. Go see BIG HERO 6 if you haven't already! Baymax is soooo sweet! 


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