Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Rock  Roll Hall of Fame
This past weekend was pretty memorable! Me and Slim took a road trip down to Cleveland, Ohio. On our travels down we stopped in Erie an there happened to be a Rib fest going on! so we got our rib on!

When we finally arrived at our hotel we didn't have long to settle in since the RHCP concert was in less then two hours an we had to figure out where we were going. We had nose bleed seats, it was pretty awesome to see the show from a different view after watching them from the floor in Toronto. I got a bit of vertigo being so up high when first getting to our seats, but that changed once the concert started! Woop!

Rock  Roll Hall of Fame
After the show I suggested we go take some photos of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame because I loved the photos of it I saw online at night all lite up! The odd car came with people to take photos as well while we were there. When we were just about to leave, a tour bus pulled up around midnight and we thought NOOOOOO MAYBE!!? yes it was the RHCP minus Anthony! they went inside and so we waited outside till 2am! it was kinda chilly now being down at the water front but it was all worth it to meet FLEA and have our picture with him! he was such humble nice guy!

Rock  Roll Hall of Fame
The next morning we headed back to the Rock Hall for the museum tour! so many cool things inside! Slim was drooling over the Jimi Hendrix section! I was all out the fashion.

We then bumped into this random guy who sold us second row seats for the Cleveland Indians game for $20! how awesome is that! and during the game they showed RHCP on the big screen an sure enough they were in the belcony box behind us! The game was so exciting.. the fans are way more crazier in the states then in Canada.. I loved all the accents an diarrhia people were yelling out at the players.

On the ride back we stopped into Taco Bell for the Doritos Tacos.. since I embarrassed myself over a month ago at a Taco Bell asking for one an they had no idea what I was talking about in Canada!.. mmmm yum!

Nacho Dorito


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