Looong Weeeeekend!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Half Carrie.. Half Kitty

The past few months have been GO GO GO!!!! so I am super excited I booked tomorrow off to have an extended long weekend. No cakes.. no computers.. no chores, since I cleaned the house last night! Just all Carrie time! Gonna hit the beach Saturday and Kensington Market for a food tour Sunday!


So many exciting things happened in April! I got accepted to live paint in an upcoming Art Battle. I have never live painted before so I am a little nervous, yet excited. I doubted myself at first when I submitted my portfolio because I didn't think I would get picked.. ta da! to my surprise I did!  Now to brainstorm some ideas I can execute in the 20min time limit.

Photo shoot edits

The Body Paint N Shoot weekend was a great learning experience for me all around, planning a shoot, painting, timing.. everything! I painted like crazy starting at 7am till about 3pm, I even forgot to eat lunch cause my adrenaline was fueling me. I got all the photos, I just need to go through them an choose which ones I want to use in my portfolio! I guess I could take a few hours out this weekend and get them all sorted out.


I am going to lots of concerts this summer.. Red Hot Chili Peppers was the first of many in my summer line up! In fact I love them so much I am road tripping to the states in a couple of weeks to see them again! PUMPED!

Hello Kitty Vans Shoes

yogurtys giusi girl missc



Gucci Sukey Tote Cake

I bought this Gold editable spray in a can to cover it, since hand painting would leave streaks and take too long. It was my first time buying this product so I was pretty excited to try it out. While spraying away covering the cake I thought this is awesome.. after the cake was fully covered an the can was pretty much empty I thought I don't feel right.. kinda light headed.. you could say HIGH for about 15mins or so.. I looked at the back label and it said "can change behavior in children" more like anyone. LOL note to self.. use face mask next time in ventilated area.

Yoda cake

Yoda Cake Topper

YODA cake topper!
Yoda was by far one of the most challenging decorations for a cake I have ever made. I was a bit nervous when the cake request came in, thinking how am I going to make him! But I love challenges and I pulled it off as always! CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW I MADE YODA IN PHOTOS

communion cake

longboard cake


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