New Years TO DO LIST! (for reals)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas! now on to New Years!

I bought my first pair of boy skates this week.. well hockey skates! but I will always call them boy skates! since I grew up on figure skates falling forward on my face from the pick in the front! I have been pretty obsessed with them all week and went skating twice on them! they will take a bit of time to get use too! and they gave me a super nice blister ;)

I am taking this winter to get out of the house more an embrace winter sports and outdoor fun unlike past years! My extent of enjoying outdoor winter was taking a walk in falling snow or just watching the snow fall from the warm indoors! This winter I hope to get good at skating, which includes learning to stop! Attempt at snowboarding with out breaking my face! I bought Von Zipper goggles too at a cheap sample sale to get my board bunny attire started, oh an tubing.. must go tubing! :D

2012 resolutions!
Skate better
Learn to Snowboard
Go tubing
Walk/Run another marathon
Art Show
Lose 30lbs I gained in 2011

Happy New Year's Everyone! See you in 2012! :D


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