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Thursday, November 10, 2011

October which is like my favorite month of the year was nothing to write home about this year! I have been work swamped overloaded exhausted. I didn't celebrate Halloween, let me say that again cause my mom didn't even believe me when I called her Saturday night, when everyone was partying.. I didn't celebrate Halloween this year! or go for any hay rides or even carve a pumpkin. However I did enjoy a few pumpkin spiced lattes from Starbucks and go to the pumpkin parade! super cool, neighborhood pumpkins lined all around the park path! :D

For some odd reason this year I'm super excited about Christmas more so then I am other years.. Courtney and I our going to cut down our own trees, that's right I'm buying an axe.. this should be awesome funny.. two girls chopping a tree down! it can't be that hard right!? maybe?

I have started my xmas shopping and... ok don't laugh.. with all the art I have been doing lately, I got super crafty this weekend an starting making homemade ornaments.. *note to self and others* " Don't make salt dough with a cut on your hand, stings like hell" :D

Oh and talking about art.. I entered the Collingwood Square foot show! Craft show in Dec! Might be selling my Angelina paintings I said I would never sell.. and personal art show date confirmation is in limbo due to venue!... W00!! 2012 is looking Artiful=Beautiful! :)


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