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Monday, August 15, 2011

Carrie Bloomfield

Sooo the new job is awesome!!! Last week was my FIRST week and I am so happy! :)) I'm so eager for all the things I'm going to learn.

The past few weeks have been pretty awesome and I have had many FIRSTS!! :) Lets start with I turned 33.. birthday weekend was packed with TBS concert.. the ZOO :).. glow in the dark mini golf.. cupcakes.. trampoline (FIRST).. swimming.. and lots of love an wishes an prezzies from friends an family :)

Long weekend was spent cottaging on Sparrow Lake! FIRST time being there! A place my mom grew up spending her summers at her uncles lodge and camp! it was kinda cool thinking it was her hang out grounds back in the 1930s and 40s! I did two FIRSTS there.. Funneled a beer.. yes I said funneled a beer, I even have video proof. LOL! and I went fishing.. yes I said that too.. I went fishing.. fished for the very first time and I got hooked! I didn't want to stop fishing until I caught a fish but that didn't happen. No bites for me! but they did tug a few times..

Totally parked our asses on this mini island out in the middle of Sparrow lake an suntanned half the day away :)

Then I had my last days at Tribute!! got kinda of emotional. They had a good bye party for me.. an signed sweet things in my card an bought me gifties an I got all sap sap.. an cried a little! me on the last day at my desk!

Carrie Bloomfield

Saw the FOO FIGHTERS! for the very FIRST time! amazing show! we were so close too.. Loved loved them!


This past weekend was Miss Mountains bday celebrations on her roof top condo over looking TO! we be silly girls!.. played FLIP CUP for the very FIRST time :D

and how could I forget all the other inbetween.. painting an cup-caking :)

& can't forget Jaggid always waiting at home for me :)


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