165.2lbs - What diet are you on?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Its been exactly 3 weeks since I started losing weight again and I have already dropped 5lbs.. its not really noticeably yet to others but people wanna know what diet I am on when I say sorry I can't join you for lunch at Harveys I am focusing on my health right now an losing some weight!..

The first thing people wanna know when your losing weight is "What diet are you on?"
I always tell them "NO DIET" I just change my lifestyle "EE" I call it!(Eating & Exercise), which is followed by a puzzled face.

Me at 230lbs in my early 20s!

Lets just say weight loss and weight gain is no stranger to me. I have struggled since my tweens with weight, up an down and all around. I have been on the diets.. Cabbage.. Atkins.. Soup.. Pills.. Finger down the throat.. you name it! But none of them worked, which lead to more frustration and more weight. Which put me at my highest weight ever in my late teens early twenties. 230lbs to be exact! I was miserable, depressed and my closet friend was a tub of ice cream! I started having health issues; high blood pressure, depression, anxiety attacks, and GALLSTONES! The Gallstones kinda changed it all. I was up chucking every time I ate fried food or drank alcohol, which progressed so bad I was doubled over pretty much every day up until surgery! My surgeon said I was the youngest patient he had ever had with gallstones.. it was a middle age thing! not a 22yr old thing!

Lifestyle change is not easy.. its discipline, discipline, discipline! Taking care of your machine (body) is a lot of hard work. Like anything you want in life.. you gotta work for it! which I am sure you have all heard before.

Now lets talk about food.. Do I still eat chocolate.. oh hell yes! do I still eat ice cream.. oh hell yes to that too! but its proportions people. I don't have a tub anymore.. just a scoop or two here an there!

First off I find tracking my calories is super helpful to me in knowing how much I am really in taking and taking body measurements! and I use this wonderful site to count those pesky calories. CLICK HERE here is an example of a day of my calorie intake! However today is probably not the best example of my intake being Saturday and I'm on a binge day!..

The old saying is true "You are what you eat!"


Anonymous tony said...

anyone who can lose weight WHILE making cakes is a miracle woman.

keep up the great work!!!

4:31 AM  
Blogger Giusi. said...

dood that ice cream cup thing is totally cute. :D

great blog. you sound very positive and encouraged.

my word verification was "penal".. haHAhhaha

12:08 AM  
Blogger Phil said...

I have to say you look stunning at the moment, so keep up the good work. I use the myfitnesspal ap on my iphone and its great just to check up on what you eat.

5:53 PM  

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