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Thursday, October 06, 2011


I am in this emo Pink Floyed Wish You Were Here kinda mood tonight.. actually most of the day and I guess listening to Pink Floyed all day an now as I blog, it has kept me in this emo reflection mood and wishing I had a bottle of yellow tail!

I woke up this morning an things were just emo for me from the start. Maybe sleeping alone.. maybe the dream I had.. or maybe thinking it was Wednesday till about 11am an then being reminded its Thursday or maybe how much has happened the past few months an being in disbelief 2011 is over in 3 month and I have already started my xmas shopping!

Today in conversation during the office pot luck lunch, I was babbling on about "Oh in my twenties" something.. and when I sat back at my desk.. I wtf myself "My TWENTIES".. Like I know I'm in my thirties but still.. so many things you start to think about.. wish about.. wonder about.. thoughts just hit me like a ton of bricks today, all I need now is an anxiety attack.

I went an saw Sandy tonight! baby is 7 months this weekend and omg what a bundle of cuteness! then reflection convo started with her.. we laughed about when we were teenagers and going to party forever.. an then our twenties how we thought we were all grown up an now how we spend our saturday nights in our thirties, at home .. her a little more so then I, but pretty much the same.. home bodies!

home body bedtime now.. Jaggids already beat me too it! hopefully no dreams tonight..I blame my dream for the emo day! yep .. it was the dream, looks like my nightmares have returned.


Blogger Scott said...

Yeah, it's a bit scary when you notice some of your friends already going grey (laugh). That's cool though, I intend on thoroughly enjoying being old (get off my lawn, etc. etc.)

11:10 AM  

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