Spring has Sprung

Friday, March 23, 2012

Toronto weather has been just amazing the past two weeks, you would never know it was March! Kinda crazy wearing summer clothes already! I keep thinking will get a surprise snowstorm.

Last weekend I got the chance to body paint Raymitheminx legs in flames an whip cream for her burlesque show at Bovine! Her performance was the after party for Junko Mizuno's art show. I really wanna get into body painting. So much fun! Lets just say I fell in love with the art form and will definitely be doing more!

Before the show Guisi an I hit up Yogurtys! I heard so much about it.. but to taste it was outta this world! :) red velvet yogurt! my new summer love! also loved the colorful decor and set up inside. I was like a kid in a candy store excited! Or maybe its just been my strict diet the past two months.. an cheating eating ice cream yogurt was the most exciting thing I have ate in awhile! Come on RED VELVET who wouldn't be excited.

yogurtys missc

and the other night guess what I did.. PINK!!! well Guisi really did it for me, I just sat around her house. I just love color an experimenting with my hair and its been about 5 years since my tragic hair heartbreak accident .. ahhh.. I feel so me again :)

misscmissc pink hair

This weekends Courtneys Cougar Birthday Bash! Can't wait for tomorrow nights shenanigans! now what to wear? I don't have any animal print clothes.. guess I gotta go shopping tonight!



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