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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Remember my 2012 resolutions! Yep some are already done! :D

Skate better - Learned how to stop on the weekend!
Learn to Snowboard - haven't been back since new years, stupid weather!
Go tubing - Did it! got video too of me screaming all the way down! Will post it soon!
Walk/Run another marathon - Signed up for one! & thinking of doing the Warrior challenge July 21st!
Art Show - SAVE THE DATE June 7th!
Lose 30lbs I gained in 2011 - Working my ass off doing P90X the past three weeks!

This month has been pretty insane.. between meeting the Leafs and going to hockey games! caking, working, p90xing... I can't believe its March 1st tomorrow. Mommys bday too this coming weekend.. I can't wait to make her bday cake friday night :D

Toronto Maple Leafs

I am working on a paint chip project that I will reveal soon!.. going to speed film an document it all!.. its pretty crazy! an time consuming! when I told a friend about it, his comment was "pretty romantic borderline insane" -- I would say that describes me :D



Also watch out for Booze'n'bake! I am Courtneys little baking helper, she will be putting out vlogs from the kitchen! the name says it all.. baking with booze! Our first bake off test run was Banana Rum Pancakes, because she thinks pancakes are "BULLSHIT" and I had to prove to her they aren't once you add rum!
I havent had starbucks in over two weeks.. its true.. P90x owns me now .. last Starbucks moment photo below!


Super adorable Vday cup! <3

Jaggids dope winter sweater


Blogger Giusi. said...

haha omg i love that pic of us.. too funny hahaha : ))))

yay for resolutions. i haven't done any of mine yet. i should start writing down my goals. i suck poopies.

10:59 PM  
Blogger missc said...

Yes write down your goals an make time for them :P

I am so doing everything I want an making new projects.. just to keep busy!..


we gotta start the 365 scrap books this weekend :D imma print out photos on friday!

9:51 AM  

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