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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The long weekend was fantastic with the warm weather here in Toronto! I spent Saturday on Beach 3 at Wasaga with my friend Vee. Since Beach 1&2 were like Jersey Shore meets Miami Beach, Girls Gone Wild Insanity on Spring Break! so you can just image what it was like! Beach 3 was quiet with a few families, we practically had the whole thing to ourselves! what a difference in beaches only a mile down the road from each other.



On Sunday, Courtney and I attended Tasty Tours which is a tour around bakery's in Kensington Market.  We learned the history of some of our fine sweet tooth favorites like chocolate, cupcakes, churros and baklava! and got to sample these yummies as well!

Monday I spent buying flowers with my Mom and planting a pretty oasis on my balcony. Couldn't ask for a better weekend!


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