Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Waiting for a site to go live that I had worked on about a month ago.. I thought to myself tonight.. lets check the url an see if it has gone live yet.. an to my surprise it has.. I was totally upset to see it my layout kinda torched with all this flashy flash!.. I think the site now looks far too busy with those cheap animations at the bottom.. so much for them wanting it clean looking .. my initial layouts! Can't win in the design field.. its all part of the territory getting your stuff chopped up and changed! I need out of this business.. I cant take the criticism the same as I use to.. and you would think the longer in the biz I would be but I just cant.

I find it funny that the owner of the company who I do the freelance for said he really likes me.. an they are trying to get rid of the current designer.. cause he's too 3Dish.. yet he allowed him to chop the shit out of my designs with this flash crap. I knew the other designer didn't like me from day one when we met too.. cause he always rudely asked.. "why is she here?" not even a hello, eat shit.. or just politely ignore me.. I don't even want to ask the owner now for more freelance work. Seems pointless...



Blogger Paul Sveda said...

I remember when you sent me the original layout on this. I thought you had a good start and were heading in the right direction but man, thats BRUTAL to say the least. Who ever the flash developer is, he needs a smack to the backside of the head. I guess its part n parcel for our gig though, hang in there Bear..


10:04 PM  
Blogger Byagi said...

In my opinion, people rely on flash too heavily. Unless you have an art site of some kind or you are in a rock band, dont put it everywhere. Blah.

Do you have any more of your work out there? I'd like to see what you do.

9:25 PM  

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