Tuesday, March 29, 2005

This weekend was pretty busy.. non stop actually. Got the car fixed for $230 however I'm kinda pissed that the tint doesn't match the rest of the car. Its like a greenish tint and the rest of my car is more of a blue tint, but you cant tell from the outside looking in. I spent over an hour also vacuuming out all the glass. I want to buy new mats for the floor.

I was pretty upset about my taxes; I owe money again this year. Ahhh!

Mom was a sweetie an bought me a couple new shirts at the mall. Its so funny to watch her walk around yorkdale.. she just complains with her sarcasm. Yet she hates the place.. but she wanted to cheer me up since money has been a downer lately.

Easter was good.. big family meal at my sisters. I made banana cake with chocolate for dessert. My sister ate 3 slices of cake after our huge meal, then she really regretted it after everything started to digest.

It was also Courtneys bday Sunday so Jason, Fred and I headed down to the Rivoli to meet up with her and her friends to celebrate. It was karaoke night. I'm to shy to get up an sing.. but Courto got up there with her friends. I think if I had one more beer I would have had the nerve to get up there, with someone else singing with me of course!.. one day I will do it!!

the brave singers

that's all folks!!


Blogger Courtney said...

OMG I am singing with my eyes closed hahahaha

7:51 AM  

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