Friday, February 18, 2005

Driving along the 427N this morning... I seen my hub cap lying on the side of the road.. along with several other hub caps to my surprise.. Had these other drivers who own these now lost hubcaps also fallen victim to the same pothole I encounter yesterday. I wanted to pull over and get my hub back.. people would think I'm nuts walking down the hwy for a hub cap.. but its mine!! my car is not complete with out her 4th shoe. "Oh stop being so cheap.." I thought. I need to buy some real tires for my car.. YAH!! with a syck pair of rims.. ;)


Blogger Diavolina said...

Ha ha ha, I'd pay to see you walk along and grab your hub-cap, run back to the car...only to find you grabbed the wrong one for fear of being laughed at!
Dude-too funny.
You're gonna get rims after how many years of having that car anyway?

10:07 PM  
Anonymous Paul said...

I still have those 1" lowering springs if you want them for when you get your rims you'll need to close up the ride hgeight to make it look decent..


4:30 PM  

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