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Saturday, February 12, 2005

I waltzed in the door half a sleep from out about 10mins after seven this morning.. a lil thirsty I made my way into the kitchen for some water.. about to make my way to my bedroom to sleep away the morning I noticed a envelope awaiting me to open from my old high school CW Jeffery's on my kitchen table.. "CW Jeffery's" hmm.. "what could they possibly be sending me?, class reunion or something" I though.

Curious I tore the envelope open on the side an pulled out not your regular letter head paper, but a tiny folded piece of note pad paper with a typed out msg.. I should have clued in when I see the CWJ SPECIAL EDUCATION DEPT on the top of it, since I had stole a note pad like that once before back in school. But running on two hours sleep I didn't even notice..

The letter read...

Dear Ms. Bloomfield

Our records tell us that you did not successfully complete grade nine physical education, therefore you will have to return to CW Jeffery's immediately to complete your Ontario Secondary School Diploma in order for your current one to be valid. (at this point I was in a panic.. thinking "wtf.. Sandy didn't pass an we all made fun of her for not passing.. but hell the hell did I not pass.. I was an active student first year. Why didn't they realize this 9 years ago I failed," I thought) As this is the middle of a semester, you will need to join the special education class. We have spoken with Ms. Driussi (still asleep an not even clueing into the teachers name being Sarah's last name I continued to read thinking "No fuking way am I going back") and she will be delighted to have you in her classroom. Please arrive on time as the other students will be counting on you to pass the ball.


Seymore Butts

I then realized when I seen the Sincerely Seymore Butts.. this was a Mimi prank.. an I had given her this CWJ letter head stuff a long time ago.. then holding up the envelope I noticed another lil folded piece of paper inside. "What's she got now I thought?".. when I opened it.. inside was an early Bart Simpsons Valentines!

Hahaha.. My Friendship. You know you want it!

You got me girl!! Cute!! Its these lil things in life that I love so much.. unexpected surprises that brighten up my days. I'm going to miss you when your gone!! x0x0x0x


Blogger Diavolina said...

HA HA HA! I almost had a heart attck for you!!! LOL!
Good one Dom.

6:55 PM  

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