Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I just got off the phone with my dentist; he called to check up on me. What an unpleasant morning it was sitting in his chair as he drilled away! It began last week when I went for a routine cleaning an check up... everything was swell "Look mom no cavities!" however my dentist was weary of a filling I had done many years ago... and suggested I crowned the tooth since it's a big molar and I want to have it for many years to come. I agreed with him.

First off I think I shouldn't have booked my apt right at nine in the morning since I'm far from a morning person now. Half asleep I plop into the chair.. get an injection of novocain an talk about my weekend with the nurse. However 15mins after I'm not feeling so frozen. So I get another injection. On to the Da Vinci code on my ipod I listen away as the drill starts to do its work.. HOLY SMACK AROOOS!! I'm so not frozen at all. "hey Dr. Train ummm.. I think you just froze my lips cause that hurts" 4 more injections he gave me but in-between the tooth an my gum. What a sting! He froze my nerves and half my face now I can't even feel my nose!! "If this doesn't work Carrie I don't know what we will do with you, how can you not be frozen" I smiled. How am I supposed to know why I wasn't freezing? Ok so now were getting in to the chapters of the Opus Dei's and things are going smooth.

After all the drilling he starts putting some acid stuff on my tooth, that's when I lost it. My stomach turned an I wanted to puke.. but I had all this stuff hanging out of my mouth.. I try to remain clam. "Relax hes almost done".. I tell myself. Nope my nauseas stomach is just not caring. I inform him an the nurse.. but as I try to sit up I feel faint from the smell of the acid. Lightheaded an feeling a tad high the doctor tips the chair back an puts oxygen on me and holds my hand.. "are you ok?" uh huh I nod. "you know now that were holding hands this means were going steady" he's the sweetest dentist ever. I think he also has plastic surgery done too.. because for a 60yrs guy.. he looks a lil too great ya know! So anyways.. we laugh cause I'm totally embarrassed that I almost blew my shreddies breakfast on his floor an the faces that I made when I was feeling sick. Apparently I make the most classic faces at times not realizing it. "how can you get so faint from a lil acid.. its normally the needles that do it to people." We made jokes I'm cut off any acid trips from now on.. shoot gonna have to find me a new drug!


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