talking period

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Okay.. So totally forget that last post posted.. that was my insecure self bloated period talking for me thinking shes' going to delete her blog. She's having a lot of mental and confusing problems going on in her life and she thinks she's totally right about everything when she has her period.. only cause she is stubborn. She has so much she wants to blog about an talk about and gets all emotional once a month.. an she can't talk about half the things in her life going on cause it would cause so much controversy even tho shes stressed an really should talk about all these things and.. ahhh!!!

Just give me some chocolate and I will feel better.

I bought hair dye.. its like a cinnamon color.. I think? I don't even know.. I bought it a week or so ago. I need that new woman feeling.


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