o..just a dream..o

Monday, December 20, 2004

Lost an confused wondering where I was. I was roaming his mind. Roller coasters of information an emotions raced all around me. Lots of carts were carrying bottled up information and the main details, only surface info was available to me. How can I feel all these things an know what hes thinking when im standing right beside him. His face was glowing in the room we were standing in .. as children played all around us. Who did these children belong to?

Hes unhappy with the current love set up in his life. Hes longing for something to make him complete like everyone wants but he doesn't know where to look and waits patiently for his time to come. And then he questions, maybe that's not in my plan for life? Faith will work its self out he reminds himself.

.. walking around inside your mind.. i could feel all your emotions.. denial .. hardwork.. faith.. tears.. prayers.. ownership.. fears.. love.. frustration.. temptation.

but it was just a dream...


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