Tuesday, August 09, 2005

So this morning has started off like ass crap.. rant rant from my mother an various friends.. and all I wanted to do is sleep since passing out was NOT an option with my conscious wanting to talk till 3am. My sister told me.. "come swimming I just opend up the pool an bought new floater things". What a tease on a hot freaking day like today, when I'm so busy with work priorities due for the end of this month.

I'm normally not one to read my horoscope.. but my moms all into reading it every morning. As I sat on the balcony with my pissy face eating my bran/flaxseed cereal with of course antioxidant giving raisins on top.. I know it doesnt get any healthier.. she came out an read me my horoscope and told me to cheer up. but shes just overly excited to go to Vancouver next May since her brother phoned yesterday with more details to our trip. Anyways back to the horoscope..

LEO (July 23- Aug.22)
The sun-splashed exit of a long dark tunnel may not yet be in view, but it soon will be. The end is in sight to a problematic area of your life that has endured longer than you ever expected possible. There is good cause for optimism.

So after hearing that I thought wow thats all true in my life right now but then again I mean I'm sure there are tons of Leos out there thinking the same thing.. ya I am in a dark tunnel, oh wait lets be optimistic.. there might just be some hope after all! School is starting soon..

omg off topic but I came across this picture of me with some really freaking bad crimped crazy clown hair from back in 2001.. I dunno what i was thinking.. LOL


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