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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

"I am creative and I could be doing so much more."I say this all the time. This is a minor problem in my so called life. I visited my deviantart accounts today. Looking at old pictures of Sarah on my one account made me sad reminiscing about the girly things we use to do that we do no longer. I picked a bit of an argument with her this morning.

I also kicked my car today right in the tire. "I HATE YOU" passing strangers gave me an odd look. Beautiful summertime strangers.. I invite you to my morning frustration thoughts. Giddy up for me! My tire popped last night on the hwy coming home in the rain on the 400.. I sat paranoid to my seat as trucks an cars passed me until my brother in law rescued me.

I got another postcard in the mail from Dom today. She went to Japan Land Disney or something to that effect. I MISS YOU! I don't think I will make it to Japan to visit her. I don't think I will make it anywhere to be truthful. Perhaps we can take another road trip when you get home summer of 2006 and my car is paid for.


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