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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

So I have much to post.. or so it feels.. but I'm not sure where to start.


eww.. I hate the after taste of burp from your dinner several hours ago. However Mmmm I had a yummie surprise dinner of Fajitas and margaritas tonight at Kelseys.

Work has been unfucking believably stressful with the soon to be closing of the Photobooks project. I can't wait to order my own Photobook, I've already got a few ideas for books I want to create. And since I'm at it.. you can too order photos, greeting cards, calendars and a Photobook at www.futurephoto.com its free to upload and store images in your unlimited sized account.

Weeeee...I'm too tired to post.. must make Z z Z z.. in la la land now.


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