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Monday, May 16, 2005

Its Monday.. an I'm tired. And this is my second time writing this which I'm not happy about cause its never the same the second time around. Darn blogger lost my stuff somehow when correcting this post.

This weekend ROCKED!! I haven't had such a great weekend in a long time. Friday night I spent scrap booking photos of New York and the past couple months of my life in some really cool new photo albums I picked up. Yes I'm crafty like that!

Saturday I got up early to go to the AGO with Courtney to see the MASSIVE CHANGE: The Future of Global Design. It's not about the world of design. It's about the design of the world. It was far more then I expected and a lot of information to take in. It wasn't your regular art exhibit with paintings an sculptures, it was the problems of the world today an how are world is changing with techNOlogy and we need to act on whats going on to make a difference. TechNOlogy doesn't mean were improving the world people, we actually destroying it. One for starts that really disturbed me was the steps man is making now to create an process food because there will be a shortage of food in the future with the population on a rise.

I thought this plucked chicken on the outside sign was so cute walking into the exhibit.. but when I actually read that he was only 4 weeks old an never had feathers to start with because he was fed growth hormone in his feed and some other man made poison not to produce feathers I almost wanted to upchuck. "WOW, hes full grown in 4 weeks!" and since the 1940s the average human height has increased one inch. Image what its going to increase in the next sixty years if this is being done to all the food. Its just not natural. Since I'm not much of a pork or red meat eater I rely on chicken an fish for my primary source of protein. Now I don't even want to eat these poor unnatural chickens. Even the fish are starting to become contaminated from all the pollution in the ocean. Why cant they just make some mass chicken breeding place? I could go on for hours about all the things that upset me. However there was lots of lil useless information there I learned too, such as M&M candies and plastic were made for Military use before they decided to share with the public.

Man I cant even write all the funny things now that happened.. I've lost the mood. Err...

This room of image over load was by far the coolest room there! At this point me an Courtney had to pull the camera out.. however we felt like such "Geeks" since no one else had a camera an we didnt think they were permitted in the AGO.. so we had to do it all undercover like we were smuggling drugs.. yet we were really smuggling art evidence. hehe..

Courto finds a set of tits to sit on!

Check this link out for cool photos that were displayed http://bea.st

This red room was the second most interesting environment. the shiny silver balls reminded me of weather balloons.. I wonder what exactly they were suppose to be representing.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude also had work (sketches and photographs) displayed from The Weston Collection. It was pretty cool to see the sketches of The Gates since I had seen The Gates in person back in Feb in NYC when I was there. I honestly think their work is much more interesting as sketches an photographs then the real thing. I just dont get draping landmarks with material to the point of covering some entirely up that you cant even see them... an the one they did where they put the bags over the trees kinda disturbed me.. I felt like the trees were sick and they were suffocating them.. lol

Me with The Gates Sketch

At the end of the AGO we visited the gift shop where Courto purchased an astronaut snack bar. I was skeptical like I am with everything. however it tasted not bad.. a lil crunchy.. but lots of flavors.. however I enjoyed our sushi dinner a lil more.


Blogger Courtney said...

Hahaha...mission accomplished. Man, I think this is the best blog entry you've ever done. And not just cuz I'm in most of the pics. Har har. It was an awesome Saturday:)

12:46 AM  

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