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Saturday, August 13, 2005


Its a Friday night and its been awhile since any of us went to a club. The club chosen for the night was Republik Night club which is a fairly new club which has two rooms one rock and one euro dance. However I thought it was an all rock club from what I had heard from people, I didnt know about the two rooms till I got down there. I had also heard from a few people the place was shit.. but you never know until you see for yourself.

We arrive down at the club at 11:30 an were apparently on guest list. However the cocky bouncers hold the line so that you can't get into the club till after midnight when guest list is over, and your left paying to get in. LADIES!! if you go with just your lady friends an no males, and your half naked and I mean whored up to the tits.. your given free tickets to walk right in an by pass the line!

Now its after 12 an were finally in the club, but were in the gino euro room so we make our way to the rock room which was the same as the euro room just a tab bigger.
The music was great but the rest of the club was just hurting like half the people there trying to be something they are NOT! The club owner thought when designing this club.. the more you have the better the club is. From strobe lights and lasers that were continually going in the same stomach sickening pattern an not changing when the music changed to 12 rotating 42' plasma flat screens suspended in the air displaying there logo.. Geez put some fuckin porno on those screens or something of interest to look at not your boring LOGO!! everyone knows what club there at now impress me! the line up for the smoking room was just retarded an if I smoked I would have been pissed and with all the fake smoke they were flying around the club why did people even half to go to the smoke room we were breathing enough shit in as it was. Especially when the club started there so called "Most extensive Firework display in the city" which left people choking and coughing every 15mins when the fireworks would go off. I would rather smell a cigarette then choke on the powders that made those fireworks, it even left an after taste in my mouth and we weren't the only people complaining. After the second round of fireworks in the small confined club.. I requested we leave, cause all the alcohol in the world wouldn't have made my sober night fun.

Conclusion.. the more you have doesnt make your club!! There was nothing ROCK about the club.. I will never go there again!


Anonymous Nery said...

I told you it sucked.

In Mother Russia we don't do rock, rock does you!

1:10 PM  

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