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Thursday, March 02, 2006

my sister Jill was the first to get the chop.. then some dye was added to Sarahs hair.. an then I got a lil chop chop!

I hate getting my hair cut.. I have been trying to let my hair grow for ages past my boobs.. but I dont think it ever will, its stubborn or something. I just want really long hair.. :( thats not asking for a lot. pffft. come June I will be miss extensions.. I use to hate the fakers.. still do!.. but I dont care anymore im gonna be fakey too!.. hell I am gonna get those fake ass arylic nails put on while I am at it too.. with the fake bling bling diamonds, cause you cant have fake nails without fake diamonds an really big bitchy sunglasses!! ya bit bitchy sunglasses..

I have dropped my Thursday night class.. hence me typing this blog right now..
I'm not sure what I want right now.. they say every 7 years you change.. an this is my year of change.. since I will be 28. omg 28!! I'm going into cougar in training years now.


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