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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I pre-ordered the Red Hot Chili Peppers new album about a month ago.. mainly because I wanted the pre-sale offer of buying tickets to the concert in Sept. The pre-sale tickets go on sale today and at the current moment of 2am in the morning I am irate at itunes for sending me a blank email which is supose to have my so called CODE for tickets on ticket master. f**k! I need tickets.. you don't understand.. this is my band of all time.. I have homo pictures of me standing against my RHCP wall I created in my bedroom when I was about 12 with black paint an posters when my mother was at bingo! which she later freaked out about a week after for. Perhaps I should scan those photos for people to laugh at my super loserness.. anyways... like tons other fans.. I am there biggest fan an I am big time pissed right now.. cause I want to see them live again... and there new album ROCKS.. a lil slower this time around I found but still amazing. iTunes better get its act together .. or else.. I will become a pirate again!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I received a blank email from itunes as well NO PASSWORD, I'm pissed too!!

6:45 AM  

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