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Friday, June 16, 2006

The Belt was the correct connection. Mom hates the belt. She asks "Why do you need a belt like this? Are you joining a gang? Let me guess.. Was it a hundred dollars?" Ya mom thats exactly what I'm doing.. I like to think of the belt more as a fetish toy.. since the handcuffs are real an detach from the leater buckle part.

So in exactly one month from now July 16th I will be on a beach or in the mountains of BC just chilling and relaxing. I think I am going to have withdrawls from the computer since I won't have a laptop an the closest cyber cafe is about 45mins from my uncles house. I won't have the same freedom this time unlike last time I was out there, because I won't have my car to leave when I want and I am to cheap to rent a car this time. Plus this trip is all about MOM and things she wants to do. pffft.. she better pick some cool shit!! She also started packing her suitcase an is driving me nuts remindnig me that I should start too because I leave everything until last minute. But I am all about last minute and I find I do things better under pressure.

I am not sure what I am doing with myself this weekend.. last weekend was so much party I just might be pooped... I KIDD IKIDD..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

remember what Rick James says...
have a massive wicked time out in the BC land! say hello to mom for me too!

all the best,

4:22 PM  
Blogger Nate James said...

i think with a belt like that you dont really need to join a gang. As soon as you get it you're in... there is no 'joining'

4:33 PM  

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