Lets go Argos!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Enough with the heat already.. mmmkay!! I have sweated enough toxins out of my body the past few days that I got sick somehow.. my throat is all sore and it isn't from a cold air conditioner blowing on me either, which if it was from AC I could brag an throw it in peoples faces I was all cool well you were all gross and sweating your organs out!! but NoOoOo.. I live to ghetto for that shit. And another thing with this heat.. I feel like things are biting me.. but when I look at my skin, there is nothing there. I am going to ignore it one time an something is going to be sucking my blood to live right out of me.

Yesterday my white tan got wrecked cause I got some sun seeing the Argos practice with my sister and my nephew's grade 5 class. I just don't want no lobster tan or skin cancer like some people. You don't look cool like a lobster people even if it does turn to a golden brown in 4-5 days. Anyways were at this practice and this Argo player comes up to me when everyone was allowed onto the field to get autographs an hes all... "hey girl.. want a picture with me?" I guess cause he saw me holding my camera like a loser watching my sister swoon all over the players with her son as an excuse to get close.. I was all "No! its ok" he gave me this look, like, bitch do you know who the fuck I am, I am an ARGO!!! Anyways.. he was like "Are you sure?" And I was like "Ya, I'm just here for the kids!!" He replies "I am here for everybody!" ok, great work Argos.. but I just don't care. I dunno maybe I was pissed off cause of the heat,.. but I was so not giving those dudes more of an ego that they already have.. like props to you guys for all the good work you do.. but just cause you're a C-celebrity I don't care to have my pic with you or your autograph. I don't even want Angelina Jolies anymore. Like big deal.. it's their sloppy hand writing.. why do people pay money for this??.. pretty stupid if you ask me or I was just a totally bitch girl .. one or the other or both.. you decide. But Grace another woman I was hanging out with laughed an agreed with me. I am just glad my nephew had a good day an got to meet them.. cause that shits fun for kids! Ok I'm shutting the fuck up now cause I'm getting mad again!

My sister on the swoon!


Blogger tony said...

those players dont seem very buff.

arent there steriods in canada?

2:27 AM  
Blogger Pretty Lil' Dreamer said...

Hahaha-Jill looks hilarious.
Damn...next trip-tell her in advance I'm cumm-I mean-coming too!

8:11 AM  
Blogger missc said...

There were guys even smaller then those guys in my photos.. and I thought umm are these guys just bitches in the showers for the players cause these guys can't be on the team..

and there are steriods here.. but they are illegal.

10:18 AM  

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