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Thursday, June 01, 2006

So later today @ dinner time I am going with the Miss Giusi to, I guess would be a taping of some show on the new MTV Canada. I am not exactly sure but shes taking me as a guest! Yay for me! I hope it doesn't suck! and if it does we will just have to make fun of people there that think they are hot shit cause there doing MTV Canada an its gotten to there heads!

Let me just tell you a bit about me and Giusi.. we went to one of the same high schools (we both went to more then one high school) but never talked.. then me met last year at Velvet through Pauly and were like "I TOTALLY KNOW YOU" and now we talk.. Voila.. and only live like just down the street from one another.. who would have thought!

Here she is being all Gwen.. and blowing kisses.. pffft!! making all the guys drool and the girls jealous!


Anonymous Giusi-gurL said...

haha wow..... i have a blog title all just for me. i'm honoured!!

too bad about the concert.. but that mtv show was pretty awesome. bif is so so cute.

thanks for burning down the playground. grrrrr. :))))

12:40 AM  

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