eggs.. anyone?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I totally forgot about this.. until looking at last week and seeing this pic I took in an animated icon... Back in the Fall of 2003 when I had a place.. my friend Tim at the time.. called me up and said.. "I am a hot model and your a wannabe photographer.. were going to enter a photo contest on cause I know we can win. Do you know any girls that are cute that will get half naked for my idea tonight" ..."ahh.. ok Tim sure! I think I know someone.." ... "Okay I'm going to buy booze and be over.. start cooking some eggs"

We won 2nd place.. hahaha.. I wish I could find the original photos now, I could only find this one I had on deviantart. I took some really cool photos.. I was shocked how well it all went down since Tim an Sarah had never met before.. booze worked its magic that night! and so did my mop cleaning yoke!


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