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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Finially I stopped procrastinating today an updated the html and images to this blog..
as you can see its very very BURBERRY, and not one of the not so great templates to choose from off blogger.

I went to the BURBERRY site an kinda ripped off the plaid design from the BURBERRY BRIT Eau De Parfum bottle. mmm... its one of my favourite sents on the market at this time...

however I love BURBERRY.. so I didnt think it would hurt to do my site up in it and YES, if I was a rich girl I would clothe myself to the tits in it!! anyways im quite happy with my outcome!



Blogger Byagi said...

Doesn't hurt a bit. Very cool template. I read that you do freelance. Do you have a site together for that or is it more of a part time kind of thing?

1:42 AM  

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