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Monday, March 20, 2006

Saturday was my nephews 16th bday meal at mandarin. we loaded up the table like starving nut cases that thought the food was gonna run out!! my sister got a piece of cake in the middle of the meal an plopped it in front of Sean an started singing happy birthday as she held her lighter in front of him .. like she didnt bring a candle or a cake.. good thing the boys real bday is on wed an hes getting a real cake.. or we would be a super ghetto family. our waiter walked around our table as we caroled the happy birthday song giving us the most pathetic look ever.. "silly white people" .. then my sister starts shouting out " BLOW, BLOW THE LIGHTER OUT! AND MAKE A WISH".. moments later the waiter returned with staff singing happy bday again, with a real slice of cake and a real candle.

if you look close.. my youngest nephew took the sprinkle bowl for the ice cream toppings.


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