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Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patrick's Day was a blast! besides me being sick with a cold. The celebration started around 1pm, that would explain why I was in bed before 12 midnight!.. I was spoiled with lunch that consisted of a lox sandwich, wine and other tasty treats!. We headed to the bar around 7ish and waited about 30mins to get in.. which wasn't bad considering, we ate these spicy, thin, cheesy potatoe thingys, which totally killed my diet for this week.. but they were oh so good an oh so worth it! I had to do it for my Irish roots! even tho I hate potatoes having grown up on them every night of the week with my mother still believing at times we're living back in the depression. Anyways, near the end of our night as we were dancing to live music, we got these silly, free, green vests! I personally liked the t-shirts the people stuck out on the heated patio got better.. but the vest made for some good jokes later on in the night. Like me looking like a traffic controller and then me acting out and pretending to control non existent traffic. good times indeed!!

*damn my still broken usb ports.. no picture updates..*


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Pretty flowers:)

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