Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cuba was hot. Cuba was cool. all the Cuban men were all over me. i got flowers made from toilet paper.. and a ring made out of the American $1 bill.. tee hee hee..
I drank far too many pina coladas before noon. I got a wicked rash on my arms..hmm.. and sand fleas loved my legs. the food was meh.. i stuck to pizza an chicken most of the trip.
things about Havana
-peso to pee in Havana.. in every restaurant and they give you two pieces (square) of one ply toilet paper.
-the bus is called the "blue camel"
-everyone hitch hikes.. "yellow man" is a man/woman who works for the government an helps the hitchhikers get a ride at the side of the road. They carry a gold box that is locked to take pesos
-there is two currencies.. peso and convertible pesos
-old ladies smoke huge fake cigars and want a peso for a picture with them
-they hate Americans and have tons of billboards against Bush
-there was so much art in that city i was on overload. it was ecliptic with all the different time periods of archeticture. I am inspired again
Varadero was beautiful an nothing like Havana.. the people don't hussel the same for a living.
I will post more photos soon.


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