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Friday, September 28, 2007

the beautiful dutch girl and Tony did this and now I'm ripping both of them off! =)
  1. People always think I'm younger than I am.
  2. I am going to have a dog named Jack sooner then I know it.
  3. My day is not complete without a bowl of bran for my bowels.
  4. I hate soda drinks, cept flat ginger ale.
  5. I wouldn't mind having kids right now.
  6. If I ever moved out of Canada I'd live in Ireland.
  7. There are people that I think about every day but that I haven't spoken to in months.
  8. I'm always cold.
  9. I use to have all the popular songs before they came out on the radio.
  10. I am very bad at being punctual.
  11. I like grapefruit juice.
  12. I have taken up running.
  13. I drink coffee again and lots of it.
  14. I want to get a 4 door car or a mustang.
  15. I forgive easily. too easily!
  16. I don't take pictures like I use too.
  17. I like being curvy.
  18. My doctor thinks I need to lose weight, that I should "pull it in a little, firm it up".
  19. I have been told I am a really good dancer.
  20. I use my cell phone as an answering machine most of the time and everyone who calls me hates that.
  21. Green is my favorite color.
  22. I miss the salty pasta he use to make for me. I hate salt.
  23. I took flute lessons when I was growing up, I won an award in grade 8 and I wasn't there for the award ceremony cause I didn't think I played that well or would have won anything and now I can't play anymore.
  24. I like laying in bed for 20minutes rolled in the sheets before I get up an start my day.
  25. I love my new fire place, its the only reason why I got my place.
  26. I think everyday what it will be like the day my mother passes away.
  27. I drink too much starbucks chai tea and spend too much money on it as well.
  28. I get into my pjs when I get home from work. Pjs are my favorite clothes.
  29. I don't get road rage often and I don't mind sitting in traffic.
  30. I am confused with my decisions all the time.
  31. I wish I was more girly.
  32. I want a tattoo of a clover.
  33. I don't get big gold chains.
  34. I like watching people in love.
  35. I did one year of nursing and I'm still paying the loan for it.
  36. I wish I could paint for a living.
  37. I love my job in movie entertainment. It is the best design job I have ever had.
  38. I commute and hour and fifteen minutes one way to work.
  39. I pretended to be someone else on the net and I found out how you really felt about me.
  40. I threw out all pictures of my exs and every love letter lie wrote to me.
  41. I have a hard time trusting people. I've learned that the closest people to you bring you down the hardest.
  42. I never use to cry and now just about anything can make me cry.
  43. I miss the 80s.
  44. I'm shy to make friends with my new neighbors.
  45. I haven't ate sushi since Sarahs birthday in 2006 and the one time I tried too I gagged.
  46. I love dark chocolate.
  47. I hardly watch any TV.
  48. I wake up at 6 - 6:30 depending on the day. But I am not a morning person.
  49. I have naturally curly hair.
  50. I hated the "Uh Oh" sound on ICQ.
  51. I love walking around in my bare feet.
  52. I am not a jealous person.
  53. I'd like to learn how to speak proper Spanish some day.
  54. I don't wear or like a lot of perfume and when I do it's Emporio Armani Elle.
  55. I have never had a real tree for Xmas, but this year I am.
  56. I get a weird rash on my hands when I do the dishes.
  57. I am taking pole dancing classes this winter, Dominique swears its a work out class that we are joining.
  58. Cereal is a comfort food for me.
  59. I have always wanted long healthy hair.
  60. I want to be more refined.
  61. Horror movies are not my taste and I refuse to pay money to watch them at the theatre.
  62. I want to blog more.
  63. I couldn't be famous cause anxiety would kill me.
  64. I have anxiety attacks and was in the hospital last month for one.
  65. I don't like to take pills.
  66. Needles don't bother me but I am afraid to give blood.
  67. I have a birthmark on my tummy, no one every notices it until I point it out.
  68. I sometimes laugh in my sleep and wake up from laughing so hard.
  69. I like brie cheese with warm apple sauce on crunchy toast.
  70. I HATE ironing.
  71. You can never have enough underwear.
  72. I love make-up.
  73. I am serious most of the time and don't think I am that funny.
  74. I am a cheap drunk.
  75. People watching is one of my favorite hobbies.
  76. I can't parallel park for beans.
  77. Male strippers bore me.
  78. I don't miss the club scene.
  79. I like to dress up.
  80. When I take a shower I like the water to be as hot as possible.
  81. I stopped drinking cows milk.. now I drink almond milk.
  82. I don't understand how people can afford to spend money on lunch everyday. I brown bag it.
  83. I drive a VW Golf.
  84. I love road trips.
  85. The first two tapes I owned were Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet and George Michael - Faith.
  86. I have brittle finger nails.
  87. I wish I could write inspiring things.
  88. I use to love Queens of the Stone Age before anyone knew who they were and now I can't listen to them.
  89. I had two blogs before this one. I deleted them because they were too depressing.
  90. I have a rib that comes out and I'm use to the pain.
  91. I had my gall badder removed and I was my surgeons youngest patient.
  92. I am 1 of 6 of my mothers children - the baby.
  93. My first boyfriend was my longest relationship - 4 yrs.
  94. I only like watching sports live.
  95. I miss my cat.
  96. Procrastinating is my specialty. I'm working on improving though.
  97. I have nightmares almost every other night.
  98. I sleep with a pillow between my legs and now I have others doing it too.
  99. I painted a photograph a friend took and never showed him.
  100. People tell me to write a book.. but I have no idea what to write about.


Blogger JaG said...

Nice list! Thanks for ripping me off ;-)

6:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might not be a dave chappelle, but you do have a way with bring joy and laughter to people's hearts

its in your nature... even if you don't think it.

ps nice place

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Scott said...

>> I am confused with my decisions all the time

I hear you there. 99% of the time I have no clue what I'm doing :P

12:37 AM  

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