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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My Grandma passed away Saturday night on the other side of my family, by which I mean my dads side. She was 90. The thing is.. its all kinds of awkward for me, since me an my dad aren't that close as I sometimes wish we could be. Its like hes all around me lately; songs on the radio, men who look like him in the grocery stores. I feel numb lately about life. All of a sudden life feels like someone is pressing the fast forward button and there is no play or pause for a nice time out.

We celebrated my nephews 18th bday two weeks ago and it feels like yesterday my sister was just telling us the preggo news! now I sound old an feel old.. and said something along the lines my mom would say..!! Anyways.. Sarah made Sean a kick ass bday cake that resembled his guitar.

*note to self - take pics off camera and post.


Anonymous lkwinter said...

Sorry about hearing about your grammy, my condolences to you...

6:54 AM  

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