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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I am feeling a little better today.. however I am working from home. This tooth open stitched area is still bleeding.. its been 6 days.. I am going to go to the dentist tomorrow and ask for another stitch or something.. cause this is ridiculous! I have put I don’t know how many tea bags on it to help the clotting clot faster!

<-- This is exactly what my tooth looked like.. yep!..yep! it did.

Yesterday was brutal.. I went to the hospital for 6 tests I was suppose to get an they fucked up everything!.. my times.. what I was an was not suppose to do and to top it off.. one of the tests they wouldn’t do because they said I was too young.. well if my doctor is asking for me to get it done.. its gotta be pretty important right, Right! So I am trying to talk to the nurse, starving from not eating a normal diet this week.. dizzy from my bleeding mouth.. cold in the little sheet I'm wearing, lying all hit by a truck on this table, while she’s rolling this thing over my armpit and she says to me.. "Your bleeding from your mouth" and I'm thinking.. I just told you I had my wisdom tooth taken out and its hard for me to talk. @#$% I wanted to whack her with my purse.. and then to top it off.. like another doctor before.. she says in her I don’t know accent "Oh you have lump" "Yes I have lump that’s why I am here".. I just told you its sore. Poke it again why don’t you! @#$% I think I need a chill pill.. I am not good sick!

My nephew an his gf are leaving for Cuba tonight.. *jealous*

Me and BB are packing up our place.. its like we are moving again.. We were suppose to get new rugs next week.. however.. Dude calls last night and says he’s coming Thursday .. tomorrow. We're Jammed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an ordeal!! I had all four of my wisdoms pulled at once; I sat around vegetating on vicodin watching David Lynch movies for a week!

Hope you’re feeling better friend, the holes take time to heal up.

Good luck with your move

I changed my page btw; I donta lika da livejournal

4:08 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

I'm one of those lucky ones who has all of my wisdom teeth. Then again, they are impossible to keep clean that far back in my mouth so I'm sure they are going to go bad and rot off some day. Nice though.

2:42 AM  
Anonymous George Quirk said...

Wohoho! I haven't experienced any bloody tooth experience, yet. But my cousin had it once, and they were ridiculous. Good thing, he recovered easily.

9:27 AM  

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