Friday, November 07, 2008

I haven't really slept a full night lately and its starting to take a toll on me. my eyes are blood shot.. an I feel like I am high at certain points of the day. I visited my doctor a week ago for circulation problems. you would think with my over the top healthy lifestyle I would be tip top!. but no.. there is always something. circulation.. low blood pressure.. etc. will see what he has to say today.

I went to St. Jacobs Market last weekend.. oh man.. so cheap an soo fresh the food was. got a pineapple for a $1 a huge squash for $2 and they got these deep fried apple fritters.. yum yum!.. but you gotta eat them when there hot! I wish I lived closer..

I went to Mimes the other night to practice are Spanish.. we have both missed the past two last classes. We watched this video that seemed to be an acid trip.. it was so fast. with weird skits.. I think I learned maybe 2 words in the hour of watching it an trying to keep myself awake.

I have had a lot of tickets lately for things and seem to be getting more.. lets list them shall we;
-Advance Screening to Role Models - but I didn't go.. cause going alone is too lonely. and I really wanted to see this movie.. perhaps next week. (watch this RED BAND trailer.. soo funny)
-Blue Rodeo tomorrow night
-Quantum of Solace next Thursday with work. another screening.
-Lenny Kravits which I passed up.. I know wtf is wrong with me..
-I'm going to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra on boxing day..
but i think the best tickets are the ones i won on the radio the other day.. TINA TURNER..
however after I won them I got all down thinking about my dad an how much he loves her.. an became a fan of her because of him.

my life is so anti social right now. I'm just so bogged out.. lo siento .. xoxo


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