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Monday, October 06, 2008

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I am extremely sore today.. walking is challenging. I joined Premier Fitness after a long over due period of being lazy. I haven't worked out steady in about a year I would guess, since I worked at Fitness One, bullshitting my way as a trainer, but that's another story. The gym were I live in my complex is not motivational, too small, dirty, old equipment and always packed with kids on their cell phones and with winter coming I need to get my twiggy arms into shape. Stupid me tho.. I get into the gym yesterday afternoon all pumped with the "LETS DO THIS" mental frame of mind an start doing one of my old routines, not even thinking of how out of shape I am now... lets just say that lasted 15mins and I was dying, out of breath, chest pounding. I took my sorry ass to lay down on a mat in the stretching room. Looking up at the ceiling I just kept telling myself.. "the first two weeks are the hardest! get your sorry ass up an go! beach body in 3 months, beach body on a beach in 3 months" and so I did. I especially enjoyed the cramps I woke up with at 4am in my legs. no pain.. no gain..


Anonymous lkwinter said...

I have a class four stories up...and I take the stairs! yes I'm out of breath when i get there haha...

wonder what you're dreaming about; you look oddly tired

1:04 AM  

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