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Friday, October 03, 2008

I have been working mad crazy lately.. trying to get a raise.. promotion.. a something and I am very close. They got me working on the magazine and I'm oh so proud of myself an eager to see the November issue, with 8 pages done by moi!. It was such a nice break to do print an getaway from the web. sorry for the braggin but.. its been a crazy three weeks that I feel I have braggin rights here.


On one of the weekends the past 3 weeks I went up to Collingwood to relax.. I so want to move up there.. the art scene is huge.. an being a full time artist is my dream.. however.. I gotta work on not being such a lazy part time artist. LoftGallery is the best gallery up there! So be sure to check it if your up there.. The one in Clarksburg which is like 15mins away! ahem.. moving on.. Oh did I mention fall is my favorite season.. well it is.. I bought all this fall shizzle for my home decor from the little shops up there.


I also managed to squeeze a photo shoot in for Courto..
ugh.. too bad it was raining out. but all was fun :)


And yesterday, on my lunch break, I took a co-worker with me to the Curly Hair Institute for a hair cut. We got semi teased back at work that we looked like twins. I officially now have no more dye in my hair from the disaster two years ago. I am all O'Natural now. I am guessing another two more years until it will be back to is original length.. poo! I hate waiting.


Anonymous lkwinter said...

crap, I didn't even notice you were working towards a promotion...

good luck! I hope you get it(or got it; i'm a little late on that one..)

1:01 AM  

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