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Monday, August 25, 2008


The weekend was pretty awesome. Friday I went home after being at moms all week. Dinner at TJS with pook-a-dook, cause its friday an no one wants to cook on a friday! Saturday morning we were up at 7am.. an off to wash our vehicles. Then some prankster wannabe gangster 50 cent shows up to wash his car too, in his pimped out 300, with the bass vibrating the ground below me.. totally ruined my morning car wash experience.. no one wants to hear your shit music that fucken loud at 8am. Especially me "not a morning person" washing her car that early.. not necessary at all that early in the morning.. ok back to the awesome part of the weekend.


Afternoon food shopping fun stuff.. then we took off to Kitchener to celebrate one of Billy's friends bdays. We did some night swimming in da pool an chilled in de hot tub. however the mosquito's were out to kill. i wasn't getting bit like everyone else at first. however i ended up with the mother bite in the end. after the kids went to bed.. ahem.. the adults got there rockband on.. i want rock band.. i love it!


Sunday i spent lazying around and cleaning the house.. i actually enjoy it so.. i dunno why but i have always loved cleaning the tub & tiles.. maybe its the shine in the end. I also bought the Swiffer Sweeper... such an amazing product. no more buckets of water or brooms!



I painted this a few years back. I had this idea. like always.. and then I painted over it.. now it is just a boring black canvas. hmmmm.....


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