Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So if you don't know, but you should know by now.. how can you not know.. the movie PINEAPPLE EXPRESS is coming Aug. 8.. I didn't think I would be seening this movie until like the end of Aug cause of things going on that opening weekend an such... soooooo... "you have mail" my work inbox politely tells me.. an its special screening passes to see PINEAPPLE EXPRESS next wed.. so I am all happy an watch the trailer like 3 more times to hype myself up!

After work I head on over to my moms for some din din.. an shes not taking NO for an answer and refuses to let me leave without opening my bday card.. and I'm all no wait till friday or the weekend when I see you!.. so I open it.. and its more cha-ching!

Then I get home and Billy and I our sucking back my famous Mango shaky shakes I make and hes all.. yeah were going to KID ROCK aug. 25th which was a surprise for him from someone else.. and I'm like damn... this day was surprise-a-licious!


Blogger raymi lauren said...

oh i cannot wait for that movie

12:00 PM  

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