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Thursday, June 26, 2008

This time two weeks ago I was waiting at the hospital with my siblings while my mother under went emergency surgery for a duodenal ulcer that almost took her life. It was a shocking & painful day.

This time last week I was packing for a long weekend away in collingwood, blue mountain.. and dirty wasaga beach with Billy. Monday we spent sitting in a spa all day. my first experience at spa life.. and I must say.. I could get use to it!..

we hung out at blue mountain on Saturday.. and I felt like i was at Whistler in BC.. however the mountains at blue are like wimp mountains .. yeah some of you are saying shut up because you have never ever went skiing Carrie.. but i mean wimpy as in size. OK lets just call them gimpy mountains. mountain.

mimes i thought of you too when i seen these flips!

Soo cute.. watermelon flips.. found these in a store in wasaga beach.. you know were all the cool kids hang out all summer.. ugh wasaga beach makes me want to puke.. an all the wannabes that hang out there.. we lasted 30mins there and shall never return. we went to confirm how much that place sucks and is dirty! the water looked like an oil spill and i refused to walk along that beach of clay with my flips off..

We went bike riding on Sunday and I almost crashed into the back of B.. because he stopped at a stop sign.. and I don't stop for stop signs!! so whenever we came up to a stop sign he would yell out loud.. "I'M STOPPING NOW FOR THIS STOP SIGN, BE PREPARED TO STOP"


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Skinny Mini!

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