Wednesday, May 14, 2008

yes it is true.. I am going to the concert.. I still can't believe I am going.. and I don't mean that in the sense of school girl excitement like, OMG I AM GOING.. I mean it as in, I am almost 30 and I was 8 when I drooled all over my pillow at night for them and I think I am only going now for nostalgic reasons, let me correct that I am only going now for nostalgic reasons. LAME I know. If it wasn't for my girlfriends all wanting to go.. I wouldn't have been the one to suggest this.. just so you know! this wasn't my idea. Glad we cleared that all up! or I did should I say.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What ever helps you come to grips with the truth.

4:49 PM  
Blogger Krista said...

When I saw the Spice Girls I was so conflicted, I mean I liked them when I was 8 but when I got there and heard all the old songs I couldn't help but sing and dance along. And I was with good friends so I'm sure you'll get right into it. :)

10:09 PM  

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