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Monday, May 12, 2008

I guess its been about 3 weeks since I have been on this new eating for my alleriges plan. Its been kinda awkward at times (resturants).. but I am doing foodtastic at home! My older sisters face almost fell off yesterday when I told her about my allergies, she obviously had no idea. She was all "NO BEER, NO BEER" .. I actually don't even miss drinking. Maybe I will when that hot summer heat hits, but for now, I feel great.

I have decided to give in this weekend and buy an SD reader.. cause my camera is full and its time to get those pictures off. ugh! I still dont get how things just go missing, like socks in the wash.

My mom bought me the cutest little rose bush for Mothers Day.. and I am not even a mom. LOL.. well Alpha mommy to Jaggid, Ushi, and Auzzi.

Yesterday I rented "Good Luck Chuck" unrated... who comes up with some of this funny shit.. dude humps a heated up grapefruit... lol.. sooo dirt.


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