Friday, May 30, 2008

Yesterday after my long day of stress, I'm laying in bed around 8 talking to my moms on the phone and my other line beeps! "hold on mom" So there is this lady on the other end asking for me.. "Yes, I am she" I replied. She asks me if I was recently at Carrassauga. Yes I replied. She asks me if I filled out a ballot to win a free trip to Florida. Yes I replied. Then she tells me that my name was selected and I won the free trip to Florida.. my excitement atoms start rushing through my blood an I'm all excited. So shes explaining my whole trip an I get to take a cruise to the Bahamas for two nights.. and I am getting even more excited, until she asked me for my credit card #.. I was like I thought this was a FREE TRIP and she explains there is a fee of $299 and that they are going to send me my package in the mail. I was like send me my package then maybe I will give my card #.

Now I was getting ticked off, this woman had wrecked my night by making me all excited to making me pissed off, by wasting my time.

When winning a REAL trip or any contest for that matter. The company legally sends you a letter of confirmation. That's called paper trail. There contest was called Scam.

I am never filling out a ballot form ever again unless I know forealz that its legit! Apparently this company tried to screw some others at the Auto show in 2007.. the Horse show.. etc..

So I googled (I google everything) the phone number 1-212-736-6919 and I found this site, with other so called winners!


and here is the wonderful cruise boat of ancient rusty tin..



Blogger Scott said...

It's a shame, but you always have to be on your guard these days. If something sounds fishy, it usually is.

9:51 PM  

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