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Thursday, July 17, 2008

dee bra bum

I have been a busy girl this week..
out every night gala vanting with my friends..
I am soo tired today!

missc land

magic oven za za

Last night was a nerdy food celebration for me.. as I ate pizza with courto for the first time in 3 months @ magic oven. however I still managed to have a baby hive pop out on my face! I blame her red peppers on her half slippin onto my half.. so this gourmet special spelt "medium pizza" (which really looked like a personal size small pizza) we chowed down on was $30.. was it worth it.. Hells yeah! will I eat it again.. Hells yeah! pizza is my fav..

missc za za

magic oven

oh an of course.. more of my sunday morning baking...
because I am a baking champ! *banana bread*

happle bread


Blogger Vociferous Beauty said...

Boobie Bum!!


2:11 PM  

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