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Friday, July 04, 2008

Work has been super fucken hot the past week and a half cause the AC broke down on our side of the office.. working with your arms sticking to the table is incredible and everyone should do it! I personally recommend it.. that and working in your own puddle of seat sweat! Generously they have been giving us Popsicles to eat all week, however me an my allergies didn't get none. I got to suck on an ice cube. Today they gave us fans as well, so we work with our sweat blowing around onto one another.

In other big news.. I go for my finial allergy testing Monday at 4! and I hope they say I can eat cheese and yeast again, so I can order myself the biggest cheesiest pizza and wash it down with a corona!! and if they say no!! I am going to be real real sad and on a tare! I have been so good for 3 months!!

I figured out my birthday as well.. initially I just wanted to have a chill day at my sisters with some friends by the pool and jump around an get sick on her trampoline .. but just didn't seem to be working out the way i wanted.. with family.. soo I opted for some Club Cosmic Bowling.. come on BOWLING IS AWESOME!! I bet you wanna go bowling now too..


Anonymous lkwinter said...

Bowling is what I do when I REALLY wanna have fun!!!!!

I see what you mean about the deep reading...that must have set your day with a twister...and to think that's the stuff that comes off the top of my head! I must be nuts...

: )

1:10 AM  

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